Westerly yacht portrait

Watercolour portrait of a Westerly 33, see below for a little history of the design.

To commission a similar, see our boat gallery page for more yacht illustrations and the Commissions page for details of how to order.

A little history of the Westerly 33 from the Westerly Owners Website:

'One of the classic and beautiful Laurent Giles Westerly designs and is considered to be the peak of the Laurent Giles designs. They have an all wood interior which gives added strength and are known to be remarkably strong. The Westerly Discuss "Dodo's Delight" still regularly sails up into Northern Greenland.

Introduced to fill the gap between the W31s (Berwick Longbow Pentland and Renown) and the W36s (Conway, Solway, Galway and Medway). It was a success! With the introduction of Roller Reefing headsails this was really the last major production yacht offerred as a ketch rig as standard layout.

Superseded in 1980 by the Discus'.


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