"I commissioned Island Design Co (now known as Quayscape) to paint a watercolour of our home as a gift to my husband on his birthday.  His comments when he opened the parcel and saw the painting were 'this is the nicest and most special present anyone has ever given me'.  The watercolour they painted of our home was truly beautiful and they were even able to include our dogs in the painting, sitting at the front of the house which made it even more special.  The whole process of having the painting done was an absolute pleaure, Island Design updated me with sketches and offered their expertise as to what would look best and they were spot on.  If you are considering having Island Design Co do a painting of your home I cannot encourage you enough to do so, they are absolutely brilliant and the end result is something we will cherish forever."  (16-4-18 LG)





You can commission a personalised illustration of a house, pub, shop, historical building, town or quayscape.

Quayscape also paints highly detailed illustrations of boats, yachts and fishing boats.

Find a painting style/finish that you prefer, or message for advice on watercolour, gouache, digital format or paper choices.