Prince's Building in Bath Road, Cowes - who lived there?

Bath Road in Cowes takes its name from the bath house established in 1790 offering ‘hot plunging and salt water baths’.

The stone at the top of Prince’s Building has ‘AEM 1885’ carved into it. AEM are the initials of Albert Edward Marvin junior (born in 1871 Cowes) and his father Albert Edward Marvin senior (born 1848), both auctioneers. The Marvin family commissioned the building as an auction house for their expanding business selling houses, house contents, land and yachts. They appear to have had earlier premises in Bath road which may have been knocked down and replaced with the Prince’s Building.

For a while around 1901, AE junior lived in the building with his wife and young daughter, but they later moved to Avalon in Baring Road with their growing family.

By 1911 Marvins were also a Lloyd’s Agent and had Cowes Yacht Agency all running from the Bath Road building. They continued to run their auctioneers business there until at least the 1950s. The estate agency business Marvins continues to trade today and has premises in the High Street, Cowes as well as Ryde and Newport.

Prince’s Building is now a private residence.

Please read more about the history of Cowes buildings with more illustrations on our page Cowes History.

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