Have a look and let me know what you think, if it's easier to email, my address is quayscape@hotmail.com

I appreciate that the paintings are very delayed, and I completely apologies for that.

So if it is not what you wanted, or it's too late, absolutely no problem at all, just let me know.

I quoted £167 for the two unmounted paintings, but Ill discount that down to £100 plus shipping as an apology for the delay.

I've drawn the Sweden and started to paint.

If you would like me to go ahead and finish this one, just confirm the sail pattern is correct and I can paint it next week and finish the detail, the rigging and the guardrails.

Ill then draw and paint the smaller, to scale, GK24 with plain blue spinnaker on a similar piece of paper.

I chose a textured paper as a hull painting doesn't work so well on smoother paper.  

Each paint shade has a very different effect in watercolour.  The hull here is painted with Manganese Blue, which does give a 'watercolour' handpainted look.  

The spinnaker of the GK24 (if you want the spinnaker) will be cerulean blue and as its a large area, will also have a similar watercolour painted look.  

Paper size is 12x16, and the boat on this one measures just under 35cm high.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.


Thanks for the logo photos.  I havent finished this area yet, I can't do it exactly as the logo due to the tiny size, but will squeeze in the numbers '36'.

You should be able to see how large the boat is on WIP01e, but Ive rephotographed it for you in WIP01f.

I'll do the 24 to the same dimensions as in 'Sweden Westerly' and will place in centre of paper.

If for any reason you are not happy at this stage, please let me know and we can cancel the order, no problem.

If all ok, I'll be in touch again at the end of next week with some progress photos.

Many thanks


I wasn't happy with the way that the paper took the blue of the Sweden hull and feared that the fully painted spinnaker on the GK could be a disaster on that paper, so have redrawn the Sweden on a different quality paper, and drawn the GK on same.

If you are happy with the paintings, and want me to finish and send, let me know and Ill set up the Etsy listing for you to purchase (shipping for next day signature should be about £9).    If you are not happy in any way, please let me know now.  It's not a problem at this point if you have changed your mind or they are not as expected, just please confirm.

I have sails, spinnaker and rigging left to paint/draw and just a little detail on winches.  Painting large solid spaces in watercolour is problematic as watercolour isn't designed for such.  So with regards to the GK spinnaker, if there is a pattern please let me know, as it will look better than a solid colour, if not, please confirm colour.