Jolliffes, 11 Shooters Hill, Cowes - a little history

Henry Jolliffe had a bootmaking business which he established in 1853 at these premises. By 1861 it is documented that he employed 4 men and 3 boys. Later ads claim it was ‘under royal and imperial patronage’ and that Jolliffe’s were sole makers of the ‘Cheapside’ yachting shoes’.

The original shop burned down and this Art Nouveau building was purpose built as a shoe shop on the site about 1917. The Joliffe’s shoe and boot business remained until 1991.

Around 2004 the shop housed Jolliffe Yacht Chandlers and after several years became Jolliffe’s Gallery and Coffee Shop and is now Jolliffes Eatery.

According to the Cowes Ghost Map, a little ghost named Ursula haunts some of the properties in Shooters Hill.

Please read more about the history of Cowes buildings with more illustrations on our page Cowes History.

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