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July and August 2021

Our print and card store is currently closed while we concentrate on new illustrations for the print catalogue.

You can view the full catalogue of illustrations for prints and cards in the online Shop.  

Please message at any time over the summer if you have any questions, would like to discuss a possible commission or would like to order any prints or cards for late Summer/Autumn/Christmas 2021.

If you are a trade customer and interested in stocking Quayscape cards and prints this summer, please get in touch and we can quote you prices and timeframes.

  • What are the terms and conditions for shipping and returns?

  • How do I purchase from Quayscape?

  • What is a Giclée print?

  • What other print papers are available for prints?

  • How much are the cards and prints?

  • If it says out of stock, can Quayscape print some more for me to buy?

  • How does Quayscape ship?

What are the terms and conditions for shipping and returns?

see Shop Delivery Returns page

full terms and conditions for the Quayscape shop are here.

How do I purchase from Quayscape?


When you complete a purchase at the Quayscape store for the first time, you will enter your billing and shipping address.

We advise you to save this information by creating a personal account. 

An account will allow you to:

  • Use Express Checkout to complete future purchases quickly without re-entering your addresses 

  • Track the status of current purchases  

  • Review previous purchases  

  • Create a personal profile 


What is a Giclée print?

Fine Art Trade Guild:  It is a digital print. A Giclée is the term for a fine art digital print, often a reproduction but occasionally a computer generated original. It is made from a file stored on a computer. Before the advent of fine art quality digital prints, the vast majority of fine art prints were made using offset lithography. Giclée is the French word for 'squirt', as this is the way that the ink is applied to the paper or canvas. Giclée prints have become an established part of the print trade in the UK since about 1999.


Fine Art Trade Guild:  ​Whichever type of print you buy, you should expect it to last. The Guild print standard requires paper to be at least 250gsm, with an acidity level of between pH7 and pH9, to minimise discolouring. Colours should be relatively lightfast, scoring 6 or more on the Blue Wool Scale, the industry-standard measurement in the UK, or its equivalent. Reproductions should normally be close facsimiles of the original work. Printing should be clear with a good depth of colour. An artist’s signature endorses the visible print quality.

Our Giclée print paper meets the Fine Art Trade Guild criteria giving it impeccable archival qualities.

What other print papers are available for prints?

Not everyone needs a print to last 80+ years, so we also print on other papers.  

Optical brighteners make most inkjet paper bright white, which make the printed image bright, clear and sharp.  These papers make beautiful prints, however chemicals in the paper affect the longevity of the fine art print over time, so it won't stay as bright for 80+ years when displayed in a sunny room.

If you want a print to last a very long time, choose a paper that is described as Giclee or archival 

If you want a bright white print with clear vibrant colours, and you are not too worried about it lasting half a century, choose a 'Bright White Print'.  Some of the papers that we print on are described on the Print-on-demand page.

How much are the cards and prints?

We can print a range of different cards and sizes, in a variety of papers.  

Print and Card prices are on our Print-on-Demand page

If it says out of stock, can Quayscape print some more for me to buy?


YES !  If you want to purchase something that is out of stock, let us know, and we will print it for you.

Please message your wishlist through to us using the box on the Print On Demand page, and we will get back to you asap with a timescale for printing and shipping your order.

How does Quayscape ship?

The cost of shipping is included in the price of most single prints and cards.  Exact cost of product and shipping is listed in the bullet point information on each product listing.

Read our Shipping Policy here